What Microsoft Surface Do I Have

To identify your Microsoft Surface model, you can use several methods. Check the serial number located on the original packaging, on the back of your device, or under the kickstand. If your Surface won't boot, access the UEFI settings to find the serial number. Alternatively, download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store and navigate to the Device Information section for details about your model and connected accessories. You can also press Windows key + R, type 'msinfo32', and look for the System Model in the System Information. Exploring these options further will make sure you have the precise details.

Checking the Serial Number

To accurately identify your Microsoft Surface model, start by locating its serial number. This unique identifier is essential not only for figuring out your specific device but also for ordering the correct replacement parts or accessories. You don't want to guess your model when dealing with compatibility or support issues!

You can find the serial number in several places depending on your device and situation. If you have physical access to your Surface, check the original packaging or the back of the device. Sometimes, the number is hidden in the kickstand area, so it's worth a peek there.

For those who prefer not to flip their device around, diving into the software is your next best bet. Accessing the Surface UEFI settings is another secure method to locate this number—this is especially handy if your Surface isn't booting up properly.

Using the Surface App

To start, you'll need to download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store if it's not already installed on your device.

Once you've got the app, navigate through its features to find the 'Device Information' section where you can check detailed insights about your Surface.

This tool is essential for quickly identifying your model and understanding the specifics of your device and any connected accessories.

Downloading the Surface App

You can download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store to easily identify your specific Microsoft Surface model and accessories. Once you've downloaded the app, accessing it provides you immediate insight into your device. By delving into the device information tab within the app, you can view detailed specifics about your Surface model. This straightforward process eliminates the guesswork and guarantees that you have precise details at your fingertips.

The Surface app is particularly useful if you're unsure about the model or specifications of your Surface device. By simply downloading and using the app, you're equipped with all the necessary information to understand more about your device and its capabilities.

Navigating App Features

Once you've installed the Surface app, exploring its features starts with tapping the 'Device Information' tab to uncover specifics about your model. This tool is invaluable for managing your Microsoft Surface efficiently. It's designed specifically to help you navigate through various functionalities seamlessly.

If the app isn't already on your device, you can easily download it from the Microsoft Store. The Surface app allows you to access detailed information, assisting in identifying your Surface device and any connected accessories. It simplifies the process of managing your device, ensuring you're always informed about the status and specs of your Surface model.

This makes the Surface app a central hub for all your Surface-related queries and needs.

Checking Device Information

Start by opening the Surface app on your device to quickly check your Microsoft Surface model and associated accessories. If you don't have the app installed, head to the Surface Store and download it.

Once installed, navigate to the 'Device Information' section within the app. Here, you'll find everything you need to identify your Surface model. This section not only reveals the model of your Microsoft Surface but also details the Surface accessories connected to it. It's a simple way to access all the specifics about your device without hassle.

Using the Surface app simplifies how you check device information and guarantees you have all the details at your fingertips.

Accessing System Information

To access your Microsoft Surface's System Information, press the Windows key + R and type 'msinfo32'. This action launches a window filled with detailed Device Information about your device. Within this window, look specifically for the 'System Model' or 'Product Name' field. Here, you'll identify the exact model number of your Surface, vital for understanding what type of Surface you have.

Knowing this information is invaluable, especially when you're looking to upgrade, troubleshoot, or seek support. The System Information tool provides a reliable and quick method to find the serial number and other specific details that help us improve our understanding of the device's configuration and capabilities. It ensures you have the accurate data needed for any discussions with tech support or when shopping for compatible accessories.

Navigating Device Settings

After exploring the System Information tool, you can also access your Surface details directly through the device settings. Navigate to Settings on your Microsoft Surface to uncover more about your device. From there, select 'System' and then click on 'About'. This section is important as it houses the specifics of your Surface model, including the processor type and RAM, which are essential for identifying the exact model you possess.

Within the 'About' page, you'll find your serial number and other pertinent information that can help with troubleshooting or when seeking support. It's a valuable way to gather device information and look up specifics about your Microsoft products, especially if you own a Surface Pro or other Surface devices.

Consulting Microsoft Support

For official guidance on identifying your Microsoft Surface model, visit support.microsoft.com and utilize the search function to find specific details about your device. This platform offers extensive support to help you accurately identify your model, making sure you're looking at the correct specifications and compatibility information.

Once on the Microsoft Support site, you can access a range of troubleshooting tips that might also give clues about your specific Surface model. For instance, features like detachable keyboards or stylus support can narrow down the options, pinpointing whether you have a Surface Pro, Surface Book, or another model within the range.

Additionally, the support site provides detailed specifications for each Surface model. This information is crucial not only for identifying your device but also to ensure that any software updates or accessories you consider are fully compatible. It's important to match these accurately to avoid any operational issues.

Verifying Packaging Details

While consulting Microsoft Support online helps identify your Surface model, also examine the packaging where the model sticker provides additional confirmation. The Surface model sticker, typically located on the box, includes the model number, serial number, and other identifying details. These play an important role in verifying the authenticity and specifics of your device.

When you check these details, you're not just confirming the model; you're also gaining insight into the configuration and accessories that should accompany your Surface. This information is particularly valuable if you've purchased your device secondhand or are verifying its specifications against a seller's listing.

Moreover, the packaging often includes essential warranty information. Keeping this intact can be a lifesaver if you encounter issues down the line and need to make a warranty claim. It's your proof of purchase and a benchmark for any claims regarding the device's condition or included components.

Therefore, always keep your packaging handy and refer to it when needed. It's not just a box; it's a valuable resource for everything about your Surface. Using the packaging alongside online resources ensures you have the correct, fully-equipped model tailored to your needs.


To quickly identify your Microsoft Surface model, start by checking the serial number or use the Surface app for detailed info.

You can also look through the system information or device settings on your Surface. If you're still unsure, Microsoft Support is always there to help.

Finally, don't forget to check the original packaging if it's available, as it often lists the model details. With these steps, you'll easily confirm which Surface model you own.