Why Does My C922 Webcam Flicker on Zoom

You've set up your Logitech C922 webcam and you're ready for your Zoom meeting, but there's an annoying flicker in the video. This common issue might stem from your USB connection, especially if it's not a USB 3.1 port. While you could simply switch ports and hope for the best, understanding the finer points of webcam compatibility could save you from future headaches. Consider how adjusting your webcam settings or optimizing the lighting conditions might offer a smoother, flicker-free experience. What if the solution lies just beyond the next tweak in your settings? You might want to explore further.

Understanding Webcam Compatibility

To guarantee smooth Zoom calls, it's important you grasp the compatibility requirements of your C922 webcam, especially in relation to USB ports. The Logitech webcam is designed to work best with USB 3.1 ports, which can greatly reduce flickering issues during your Zoom sessions. Compatibility issues often arise when the webcam is connected through a USB hub or an incompatible adapter.

To avoid these problems, connect your C922 directly to a USB 3.1 port on your computer. This direct connection helps maintain a stable link, preventing the webcam from flickering. If you must use a USB hub, ensure it's a powered model that can handle data transmission effectively without degrading the webcam's performance.

Additionally, always check that your connections are secure. Loose connections can lead to intermittent signals that may cause the webcam to flicker. Choose the correct adapters if your setup requires them, and ensure they're fully compatible with the C922. This attention to detail will help you maintain a crisp, stable image during your Zoom calls, enhancing your video conferencing experience.

Checking USB Port Types

Before proceeding, make sure you're familiar with the different USB port types on your computer to optimize your C922 webcam's performance on Zoom. The Logitech C922 webcam is designed to deliver high-quality video, and using the correct USB port is essential for achieving this.

Firstly, identify whether your computer's USB ports are USB 3.1 compatible. USB 3.1 ports are typically marked with a blue color and may have the SS (SuperSpeed) logo next to them. This standard supports higher data transfer rates, which is vital for the high-definition video output of your C922.

If you're unsure about your USB port's specifications, check your computer's manual or manufacturer's website for detailed information on each port's capabilities. Connecting your C922 to a USB port that isn't USB 3.1 may lead to performance issues, such as flickering during Zoom calls because of insufficient data transfer speeds.

In case your computer lacks USB 3.1 ports, consider upgrading to a USB hub or adapter that supports USB 3.1. This can help maintain the compatibility and performance of your C922, ensuring smoother video streaming and reducing the likelihood of flickering on Zoom.

Adjusting Webcam Settings

Adjusting the anti-flicker setting in your Logitech Capture utility to 50 can stabilize your webcam feed and enhance your Zoom experience. Here's a straightforward guide to tweaking your Logitech C922 settings for peak performance on Zoom calls:

  1. Connect Properly: Make sure your Logitech C922 is connected directly to a USB 3.1 port or through a reliable Thunderbolt 3 dock. This setup ensures a stable connection and reduces the chances of flickering.
  2. Optimize Power Management: In your computer's system settings, adjust the USB hub power management. Disable the option that allows the computer to turn off this device to save power. This prevents your webcam from losing power unexpectedly, which can cause flickering.
  3. Use G Hub Software: Open Logitech G Hub and navigate to the webcam settings. Here, you can fine-tune exposure, gain, and frame rate settings to further reduce flickering issues.
  4. Check Connection Integrity: If using an external USB hub, make sure it's a USB 2.0 hub with secure connectors. Loose connections can lead to intermittent signal loss, contributing to flickering.

Exploring Lighting Conditions

Ensuring your room is evenly lit can greatly enhance your C922 webcam's performance during Zoom sessions. Proper lighting conditions are important to prevent your webcam from flickering and to guarantee the image quality is sharp and stable. Start by examining the ambient lighting in your space. Is it too harsh or too dim? Both can impact your webcam's ability to capture a stable image.

To combat fluctuating lighting, which can lead to a flickering effect, try using sources of light that provide a consistent output. This could be natural light from a window combined with soft, artificial light to fill in any shadows. Aim for well-distributed lighting to avoid glare directly on your face or camera lens, which can degrade your video quality.

Updating Webcam Drivers

To resolve compatibility issues with Zoom, you should update your C922 webcam drivers, as this often fixes flickering and enhances overall performance. Updating your webcam drivers is a vital step in guaranteeing your video calls are smooth and uninterrupted.

Here's how you can keep your webcam functioning at its best:

  1. Check the Manufacturer's Website: Visit the Logitech website and navigate to the support section. Enter your model number (C922) to find the latest driver updates specifically designed for your webcam.
  2. Download the Latest Drivers: Once you're on the correct page, look for the most recent driver update. Make sure it's compatible with your operating system before downloading.
  3. Install the Update: Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the new drivers. This process might require you to restart your computer.
  4. Test the Webcam on Zoom: After restarting, open Zoom and test your webcam. Check if the flickering has stopped and if there's an improvement in the video quality.

Regularly updating your webcam drivers tackles performance issues and boosts webcam stability, helping you maintain peak performance during your Zoom meetings.


To stop your Logitech C922 webcam from flickering on Zoom, first make sure it's plugged directly into a USB 3.1 port.

Adjust the webcam settings via the Logitech software to suit your lighting conditions, which should also be optimized for video calls.

Lastly, keep your webcam's drivers updated to maintain performance and stability.

By following these steps, you'll likely see a significant improvement in your webcam's video quality during Zoom meetings.